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Minerals are elements that originate in the Earth and cannot be made by living organisms. They are essential for many physiological and metabolic processes necessary for achieving and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Plants obtain minerals from the soil, so most of the minerals in our diet come directly from plants or indirectly from animal sources. Minerals may also be present in the water we drink, but, along with mineral soil content, this varies with geographic locale. The form of magnesium is important for absorption through the digestive tract and ability to be utilised by the cell (i.e. bioavailability). However, not all minerals found in food supplements are equal in terms of absorption and bioavailability. For this reason, we use the organic minerals including citrates forms that have been shown to better absorbed and more bioavailable compared to non-organic forms like magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate, which is just chalk and may cause digestive disturbances due to alkalising effects on stomach acid.

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  1. Bone Support Formula
    Bone Support Formula
    Vegetarian and vegan formula containing vitamins and minerals including Calcium Citrizorb® and Vitamin D Learn More
  2. British-Multi x 120
    British-Multi x 120
    Multi-vitamin and mineral formula designed for the UK population Learn More
  3. British-Multi x 60
    British-Multi x 60
    Multi-vitamin and mineral formula designed for the UK population Learn More
  4. Calcium Citrizorb ®
    Calcium Citrizorb ®
    Delivering 100mg elemental calcium Learn More
  5. Calcium Magnesium Complex
    Calcium Magnesium Complex
    Comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral formula Learn More
  6. Child's Play ®
    Child's Play ®
    Multi-vitamin and mineral formula suitable for children Learn More
  7. Chromium
    Delivering 100μg chromium Learn More
  8. Detox Support Formula
    Detox Support Formula
    Bioavailable and bioactive multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid formula Learn More
  9. Iron Plus
    Iron Plus
    15mg Iron Gluconate with Vitamins A and C Learn More
  10. Magnesium Citrizorb ® x 120
    Magnesium Citrizorb ® x 120
    Delivering 100mg elemental magnesium Learn More
  11. Magnesium Citrizorb ® x 60
    Magnesium Citrizorb ® x 60
    Delivering 100mg elemental magnesium Learn More
  12. Magnesium Complex
    Magnesium Complex
    Comprehensive multi-vitaminvitamin and mineral formula without calcium Learn More

Items 1-12 of 19

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