Essential Fatty Acids

The body can synthesise most of the fats it needs but two essential fatty acids (EFAs), Omega 6 and Omega 3, can only be obtained from the diet. However, today’s modern diets often don’t provide a balance between the two omega EFAs with high levels of foods consumed containing Omega 6 EFAs (found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds) and lower levels of Omega 3 EFAs (found in oily fish, as well as some seeds and nuts). With this in mind, we have a range of EFA products containing bioavailable forms of Omega 3 as bioactive EPA and DHA fatty acids from sustainably sourced fish oils or krill oil, depending on your requirements. We also provide vegan sources of the parent Omega 3 oils (ALA and LA) found in organic flaxseed oil. We also provide Evening Primrose Oil to support healthy hormone balance and a formulation blending omega oils with lipase, a fat digesting enzyme to optimise absorption.
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