Lecithin & Phospholipids

The term lecithin comes from the Greek lekithos or “egg yolk”, as this is where the natural substance was originally identified. Lecithin, a mixture of glycerophospholipids, including phosphatidyl choline, is also found in a range of plant matter, including soya and sunflowers, and is naturally produced in the human body mainly in the liver, bile fluid and the brain. Lecithin powders derived from plant sources are often used as supplements to support optimal function of the liver, including detoxification, and to enhance fat digestion and absorption in the digestive tract. We have a range of different lecithin powders to support different requirements including high phosphatidyl choline powder, sunflower lecithin (soya free) and lecithin powder mixed with plant sterols to support healthy balance of cholesterol in the body. We also have patented blend of lecithin powder (NT Factor) that has been included in many scientific studies and demonstrated to reduce fatigue in a number of conditions.
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