Environmental Policy Statement

Nutrigold is a professional and environmentally conscious organisation, which acknowledges the impact that our operations may potentially have on the environment. Our clear objective is to minimise any impact on the environment. To make this possible, all employees and sub-contractors are expected to co-operate and assist in the implementation of this policy. This document identifies measures already implemented by Nutri-Link, and areas which require ongoing action to fulfil the requirements of the policy.

Actions Implemented:

  • Reduction of paper use by measures such as single sheet invoicing
  • Bulk and standard printing is printed using paper provided by the Woodland Trust which is made from Zero Co2 Emissions from fossil fuels and are FSC Certified. With every pack of paper purchased a donation is made to re-planting trees by Woodland Trust.
  • Transmission of documents in electronic format where possible.
  • Low voltage lighting installed & LED lighting installed.
  • Lighting sensors installed in certain parts of the buildings.
  • Consolidation of deliveries to reduce carbon emissions
  • Re-using of boxes for shipment of orders.
  • All waste is “Zero to Landfill” with our waste partner Devon Contract Waste.
  • Water reducing flushing mechanisms installed into toilets.
  • Switching off lighting where possible and relevant
  • Employees are encouraged to use windows and fans rather than air conditioning where possible.
  • Photocopiers are to be turned off after office hours.
  • Supporting Sky & WWF in saving 1 billion trees in the amazon.
  • Supporting Sky & WWF in reducing plastic waste in the oceans.
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