Clysmatic Kit

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Clysmatic Kit including clysmatic container, hose, latex-free nozzle, rinsing device & herbal liquid.
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Clysmatics are a simple effective form of colonic hydrotherapy which stimulates the bowel to assist in the removal of waste matter whilst helping to support normal bowel function. They are a gentle and safe form of colonic hydrotherapy introducing water via gentle pressure into the colon administered at home.

Repeated rinsing during a clysmatic may help stimulate peristalsis (natural and rhythmical contractions of the colon), move waste material through the colon whilst strengthening the intestinal muscles and washing the intestinal mucosal membranes.

So many factors of modern day living affect our bowel and digestive function including chronic stress as well as heavily processed foods, toxins, chronic dehydration, medical drugs, lack of exercise, low soluble fibre intake and diets lacking in nutrients and more. This can all lead to impaired digestive function which results in less efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as clearing of wastes from the colon. Build-up of waste matter can lead to yeast/bacteria overgrowth as well as putrefactive bacteria whose metabolic by-products and cell breakdown materials can be absorbed into the system from the intestines.

Excess matter left behind can slowly weaken the muscle contraction (peristalsis) of the colon (bowel) leading to the build-up of waste over time, which can further contribute unwanted challenges to more serious bowel conditions such as IBD, Diverticula and more.

Colonic hydrotherapy may help contribute to –

  • Improved mineral absorption
  • Improved immune system
  • Less gas and bloating
  • Balancing of microflora
  • Improvement of bowel tone and bowel transit time
  • Decrease in enterotoxin production
  • Increased energy and overall wellbeing and more.

The contents of the lower part of the colon are very rich in naturally occurring bacteria. These bacteria are normally very useful, among other things they produce vitamin K. There are also, as a quite normal part of the flora, bacteria which produce putrefaction and fermentation. If an extended period of time goes by between bowel movements, these putrefactive and fermentative bacteria will further the generation of toxic substances. Colonic Hydrotherapy may help to lower this outcome and related symptoms.

Clysmatics are a simple effective and comfortable method for self-care at home for those who need extra support with digestion and intestinal issues. It can be used as a preventative treatment for cases of constipation or during naturopathic detoxification programmes. The kit consists of three main parts: the water container, the hose and the rinsing device which can fit almost any toilet. The weight of the clysmatic once filled with water is around 8kg (17.5 pounds).

The clysmatic herbal liquid is rich in minerals which may help to soothe colonic mucous membranes.

Use: Refer to instructions.

Storage: Sterilise clysmatic equipment including nozzle after every use and dry thoroughly before storing in a dry place.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. This product is not suitable if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. If you have any obstructive digestive conditions, haemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, heart or blood pressure problems consult your doctor before undertaking a clysmatic procedure

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