Castor Oil Packing Fabric

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Unbleached cotton fabric suitable for castor oil packing

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Nutrigold Castor oil packing is a naturopathic technique used to holistically support health. This technique can be used across different areas of the body (always packing the liver first) and is especially effective in combination with detoxification programmes.

Use: Open the packing fabric and fold into three. Soak the fabric with the castor oil (Product Code: NC006) and apply the pack to the liver area first for around 30 minutes, securing in place with cling film. Place a hot water bottle on the castor oil pack and rest in a quiet place for the allotted time. You can then move the pack to your chosen area, packing for another 30 - 60 minutes, or as directed by a practitioner. The pack can be placed back into the plastic bag provided and stored in the fridge. The castor oil pack can be re-used up to 30 times. Apply extra castor oil to the pack as needed on each application.

Storage: Once used, seal in a plastic bag and store in fridge.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for use during menstruation or pregnancy. Castor oil is for external use only. Do not consume. Do not use packing on areas of irritated or sore skin. Castor oil may stain clothing or bedding – use an old towel or t-shirt when the pack is in place on the body.

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